Software engineering is the art of creating good software. Software engineering is the discipline of creating your digital products using tried and tested scientific methods. Creative design, quality requirements architecture, built-in security right from the start, a close eye on the solution’s operation and concepts, long-term maintainability, quality assurance throughout the process, with comprehensive testing during development and technical checks of the overall solution.

Our promise: Passion for your digital future.

Creative. Innovative. Qualitative.

Paths to a digital solution

It all starts with an idea

In workshops with you, we develop innovative products, platforms for your new business model and digital solutions for automating and expanding your infrastructure and processes. In the early stages, we apply methodical approaches such as design thinking workshops to help you see things from your customers’ perspective and discover new alternatives and points of view. Or we hold an Event Storming workshop to help you document processes and prepare digital solutions.

Concept and requirements

We work with our architects, along with experts in business and requirements engineering, to help you create strategic, tactical concepts that turn business requirements for a new solution into technical requirements for its digital implementation and the necessary software engineering process, as well as promoting constructive teamwork between business and IT in agile projects. Strategic concepts, concise requirements documents or models help you understand the solution space and prepare for implementing the solution.

Quality through architecture

Quality requirements for a new digital solution are determined not only by technical requirements, but also by the structure and format of the new product. Our architects design your new product based on clearly defined quality requirements. They also remain involved throughout the implementation process, because the architecture, too, is updated during implementation and ongoing development. In agreement with all stakeholders, our architects bring together a multi-skilled team to create a coherent solution.

Implementing the solution

Each solution and each product grows in iterations, eventually becoming a large solution and a large product. The minimum viable product (MVP) is a good starting point for presenting a new digital product to customers and users and asking for feedback. It helps minimise the risk of wasting time on functionality that your users neither appreciate nor use. Early feedback can help solutions and products grow and scale up, always under the watchful eye of the user.

Software engineering for your digital products

Custom software for core systems

Tailored software solutions for key areas form the basis of innovations in many companies and organisations. IT solutions that map the company’s core business in domains are therefore well placed to be developed, expanded, improved and scaled in an interplay between business and IT. And IT itself becomes a driver of innovation and progress. ARS takes on both smaller and very large challenges. See, for instance, the completely new development of a BSI-tested IAM system for DRV Bund.

Client-enabled systems and white-label software

Designing and implementing client-enabled software is a key part of our business at ARS, as many of our customers make the systems available to their own customers for collaboration. We also have experience with systems that companies can offer their clients as a configurable product. White-label software involves a level of complexity that can be a challenge for architecture and implementation. We mobilise our experience to keep complexity to a minimum, so the software is manageable and maintainable. White-label software is also an excellent starting point for sharing the cost and benefits associated with developing and maintaining custom software in customer-specific or sector-specific communities. We can help you with this, too, especially in managed application scenarios.

Digital platforms

A digital platform project is about more than just one product. Digital platforms become a foundation for multiple solutions, and fertile ground for ecosystems and infrastructure with numerous connecting lines and points of integration. For digital platforms, we place a high value on detailed architecture design, long-term maintainability and clear interfaces: internally for platform users, and externally for communication with other systems and platforms. 

Infrastructure projects

Every company needs to invest in extending, expanding and improving its digital infrastructure. Examples are necessary integrations to replace manual processes, switching batch data processing to real-time systems, replacing systems due to discontinuance or lack of experts, or scaling systems to meet increasing challenges. ARS has the expertise to implement such infrastructure modernisation projects efficiently and sustainably.