API economy and API management

Accelerated and secure provision of data and services opens up new business models, e.g., in the B2B and B2C contexts. And internal API ecosystems in the context of cloud-native architectures, microservices, Internet of Things and mobile use cases in the sense of a network of different, value-adding IT assets are here to stay.

We accelerate your ‘API first’ initiatives and ensure smooth procedures in API-based value chains

API maturity assessment and API enablement seminars for IT managers and service provider teams

API classification and derivation of suitable processes and measures for different ecosystems

Central API design guidelines and execution of API design workshops and reviews

Implementation of API management processes and technologies for provider and consumer organisations

We will get you up and running with APIs

In our API management enablement seminars, we introduce your IT managers and technical teams to the essentials for dealing with APIs.

  • What are APIs?
  • Which processes are involved for API consumers and API providers?
  • What does ‘API lifecycle management’ mean?
  • Modules of an API management solution
  • API design to reduce breaking changes
  • Resilient API architecture in service chains
  • Distinction between API management and service mesh

As part of these workshops, we will also evaluate the maturity of your visions and the measures you’ve already implemented.

Our consulting on API classification reduces risks and avoids bad investments

In our workshops on API classification, we will work with you to develop requirements for a whole range of API classes. We will differentiate based on the different API providers and consumers in your environment and find out whether there’s a single solution for your organisation. We find that taking a scattergun approach often leads to risks in API management initiatives. Our consulting service can help you find the right answers for different types of internal and external ecosystems.

We are experts in building API management platforms

Together, our staff and partners have successfully completed a number of API management projects. Our broad expertise covers implementing common purchased solutions and platform migrations, all the way through to evolutionary development of a custom solution based on open source components.

Depending on the result of the API classification, we will help you create the API management modules and platforms you need.

  • Deciding whether to make or buy
  • Selecting purchased solutions and comparing vendors
  • Migration support for platform switches
  • Operationalisation of purchased solutions (including as a managed service)
  • Integration with analytics systems (e.g., for monetisation purposes)

Take a look at our current whitepaper on ‘The Many Dimensions of an API Initiative – What is the Essential Content of a Strategic API Initiative?’ Which tactical action areas and implementation measures are necessary?

Good API design reduces costs for development and maintenance

An intuitively understandable and uniform API design creates a consistent presence and reduces the effort required for implementation and maintenance, both for the API provider and API consumer team.

We’ve been supporting a number of successful API provider organisations with our key competences since 2013:

  • Introduction of central API design guidelines
  • Cross-functional API design workshops
  • Training for IT staff
  • Reviews of API design drafts before release