Cloud-native architecture and architecture modernisation

Digital services require expert architecture work. Service quality, availability, stability and connections with neighbouring ecosystems are just the tip of the iceberg that customers see when they use your services.

The cloud architecture mission

Assessment and modernisation of existing architectures with the goal of becoming cloud-ready

Establishment of cloud-native architectures and alignment of business goals in the context of greenfield projects

Focus of architecture decisions on the platform and technology strategy

The most important pillars of a cloud architecture that’s fit for the future

Our IT architects have a wide variety of tools at their disposal, focusing on collaborative and standardised procedures that are established worldwide in the field of cloud architecture.

Domain-driven design (strategic and tactical)

Procedure following the iSAQB philosophy

Stakeholder-friendly architecture documentation in line with the ARC42 standard

Analysis and optimisation of IT-supported business processes (event storming)

Analysis and optimisation of development, delivery and operation processes (event storming)

Alignment and evolution of team interactions and DevOps processes (team topologies)

Modernisation of existing architectures (strangler fig pattern)

Set-up of quality trees and scenarios/KPIs and derivation of measures (technological, organisational)

Consideration of established cloud-service models (IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, FaaS) in your own data centre or in the public cloud