Code/technology stacks

ARS Computer und Consulting GmbH has had consulting in its name for over 30 years. We advise our customers on many aspects of software engineering and their related challenges and domains, from IT technology to company culture and business models. We... 

  • have a good insight into the technology landscape.
  • keep ourselves informed, using TechRadar and other resources 
  • have architects who are continually dealing with code and technology stacks  
  • provide a healthy mix of new and established solutions
  • support and advise customers with selection and evaluation – and also during implementation!
  • ensure that what we learn in practice flows back into our development teams 
  • offer a provider-neutral view of technology

The ARS technology stack in software engineering – over 25 years of progress and experience

ARS has been in the IT services sector for over 30 years. We’ve kept abreast of current events in the IT environment right from the very beginning. In our work, we are constantly faced with different technologies that have been selected because they suit a project’s numerous requirements. As a result, we are continually reviewing and evaluating a range of technologies through a technical lens. We take part in specialist conferences and talk to experts at manufacturers, partners and customers, which gives us a comprehensive view of what’s happening with technology and the market. 

At ARS, we encourage lively exchange in an architect community that everyone can participate in, sharing experiences and best practices that can be helpful when it comes to challenges and new projects. This benefits the projects’ customers in particular. 

Our desire to meet the needs of projects and customers means that we don’t just look for the very latest framework, the most sophisticated runtime environment, or super-fast programming languages, but also consider matters of strategic orientation, employee knowledge development and other influencing factors. A healthy mix of modern and established technology helps us provide continual and long-term consulting for our customers. 

In numerous software development projects that we’ve implemented for our clients, we’ve gained specific experience that we can put to good use in further projects. Continually sharing this knowledge within ARS ensures that we maintain a deep understanding of the technology environment.

Another important factor when evaluating and choosing technology is whether a customer prefers licensed products or an open source framework. Here, too, we are a reliable partner who is not bound to a particular approach. Each evaluation has a number of focal points, and these can differ from project to project. So we don’t usually have just one preferred technology or a single first-choice programming language.